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Man Breaks World Record for Bacon Eating

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Man Breaks World Record for Bacon Eating

A man from America has broken the world record for eating the most bacon by eating 182 slices, around six pounds, of bacon.

Matt Stonie, known as ‘Megatoad’, ate the world record amount at an event in Daytona Florida, beating the previous record of 120 slice held by Mark ’The Human Vacuum’ Lyle.

Speaking to The Huffington Post after the event, Stonie said: “The bacon was cooked just the way I like it — a little crispy because I don't like having to chew it. It can't be too crispy and if it's not warm when I get it, the fat coagulates into lard."

All meat eaters joke at one point or other about their overriding love of bacon, it’s delicious so it makes total sense, but we’re pretty sure most would be put off in the scenes from this video.

Stonie, a competitive eater, has had a big month as he also managed to smash the world cake eating record, consuming a 14.5-pound birthday cake in West Palm Beach on Feb. 14.

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