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Seafood Delight: How To Make Traditional Bacalhau à Brás

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Seafood Delight: How To Make Traditional Bacalhau à Brás

Seafood lovers, here is a recipe for you!  A staple at every Portuguese restaurant, bacalhau à Brás is a light but filling dish of flaky salted cod with golden potatoes, onions, eggs and black olives. 

Bacalhau à Brás is easy to make as long as you remember to soak the cod overnight, an essential step in removing the excess salt used in the process of preserving this cold-water fish. Supposedly named after its creator, there are as many recipes for this famous cod dish as there are people along the Iberian Peninsula.  

Portugal's love affair with bacalhau began as far back as the 13th century when Portuguese fishermen were exposed to the salted fish favored by the Vikings. Since then, the Portuguese have been cooking with cod in hundreds of ways and, along with the Spanish, are responsible for spreading the use of codfish throughout the world. Salted cod is an essential ingredient in much of the cuisine of the Caribbean and Latin America.

If you're appetite for seafood goes beyond cod, check out this gourmet fish-based dinner and squid sashimi with avocado, black garlic and grilled vegetable vinaigrette.





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