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Awesome Whiskey Infographic

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Awesome Whiskey Infographic
Photo Barock Schloss/Flickr

If you don't like your bourbon watered down, then this whisky infographic is for you. 

Created by Sean Seidell, this graphic guide portrays 18 common flavors and traits of whisky. It is based on the research of renown whiskey experts F. Paul Pacult and Michael Jackson and categorized by the main whisky producing countries: Scotland, Ireland, United States and Canada.

You'll find great tips that will help you classify flavors so you can reach for the right whisky. For instance, do you enjoy sweet and biscuitty whisky? Grab a bottle of Canadian rye. For the times you prefer whisky with a buttery nose and hints of caramel, opt for Scottish blend.

If you happen to love the infographic below you can purchase it as a 17'' x 11'' poster on Seidell's website, along with his other cool infographics like the 18 Flavors of Cheese and The Wide World of Beer.

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