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10 Awesome Sandwich Recipes

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10 Awesome Sandwich Recipes

Sandwiches needn’t be sad or second best and we have a line up of awesome sandwich recipes to convince you just how amazing they can be.

Having seen something of a renaissance in recent years sandwiches along with toast can reach the heady heights of fine dining. The secret lies in good quality ingredients, creativity and presentation.

Good sandwiches start and finish with good bread – so if you don’t want to disappoint after all the loving care taken over the filling spare a thought for what you’re using to keep it all together.

Some of these sandwiches we have lined up will lend themselves to being brown bagged and the envy of your colleagues. Others will need to be made fresh and enjoyed hot in the comfort of home probably on a Sunday morning or Saturday lunchtime.

Here are the promised ten awesome sandwich recipes which are going to have you reaching for into the bread bin. Egg and bacon sandwiches go gourmet with Chef Marco Bistarelli's twist on things, while Chef Jermoe Bigot brings us a sandwich for the truly dedicated. Goes without saying we’ve included the classics, the BLT and club sandwich as well as pulled pork which is a sure fire winner.

Bon appetit.


Chef Marco Bistarelli from Il Postale restaurant in Perugia, Italy adds a touch of class to the classic bacon and egg sandwich. Pancetta replaces bacon and frittata replaces fried egg in this gastronomic sandwich feat topped off with pan fried borage.


French chef Jerome Bigot, from Les Grés, puts together some big unusual flavours that might seem unusual at sandwich level. This sandwich takes three days to make, only for the truly dedicated.

BLT Sandwiches

An absolute classic the BLT must be in most people's sandwich repertoire. Perfect for when you need the warm salty crunch of bacon slathered in mayonnaise with the freshest of juicy tomatoes and crisp lettuce.


A juicy club sandwich is always a good crowd pleaser. Once you've packed in all the ingredients the only problem remains of how to fit it all in one bite.


Chef Ernst Knam, from L'Antica Arte del Dolce bakery in Milan brought us this unusual creation perfect for a refined afternoon tea. Layered slices of mango slices, salmon, cream cheese, arugula, wasabi and chocolate.

Falafel Sandwich

Vegetaraian or not, nothing beats a great freshly made falafel sandwich with all the trimmings. 

Veggie Burger Sandwich

A great veggie burger alternative with ricotta, zucchini and tomatoes.

Christmas Turkey Club Sandwich

Enjoy christmas flavours anytime in this classic combination with the christmassy addition of sweet and sour cranberry sauce.

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pulled pork has received a lot of positive press and it's easy to see why with the succulent melt in your mouth strands of slow cooked pork paired with a crunchy coleslaw.

Sandwich with Tuna Steak and Peppers

Fancy something fishy? using fresh tuna steaks and quality bread this is a gourmet sandwich worthy of fine dining.

Sandwiches might look easy but there's a lot that goes into them. This man spent six months making a sandwich from scratch which makes our three day sandwich pale into insignificance.

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