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Meet the Creative Team at Atelier Crenn

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Meet the Creative Team at Atelier Crenn

Atelier Crenn is a two Michelin starred restaurant in San Francisco run by chef Dominque Crenn.

With handwritten menus often given as poems a dinner at Atelier Crenn is a magical and tasty voyage of discovery. Plates are pieces of art and guests sit for what has been described as a 'transcendent dining experience'.

In the first video below we are shown a day in the life of the Atelier Crenn kitchen - a look at the painstaking work that goes into preparation, cooking and the perfectly precise plating that makes every bite a masterpiece.

This is followed by a second video on Carrot Jerky - a dish that Crenn and her team have become famous for and a final video shows the process of how they make egg sheets - a paper thin layer produced entirely of egg yolk. Enjoy!

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