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Peruvian Food Porn from Astrid y Gaston

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Peruvian Food Porn from Astrid y Gaston

Three hours in Two Minutes is a new video from Gaston Acurio and his team that takes your through the wonderfully colourful tasting menu at Astrid Y Gaston in Lima, Peru.

Called Viru, the menu is a mixed bag of dishes from across Peru that explore five distinct themes: the coast, the desert, The Andes, The Amazon and The Altiplano.

The video shows the dishes as they’re being put together and finished on the plate and gives a glimpse at just how diverse the cuisine at the restaurant is.

The end of the video reveals the many faces of the Astrid y Gaston kitchen including that of head chef Diego Muñoz.

Take a look at the video below, but be warned, it’s sure to make you want to visit Lima just to taste.

Virú: Three hours in two minutes from AstridyGastonLima on Vimeo.

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