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The Buzz on Artisan Tuscan Honey

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The Buzz on Artisan Tuscan Honey
Photo alsjhc/Flickr

Are you looking for a sweet excuse to escape to the Tuscan countryside? Then we'd like to introduce you to the artisan honey being produced in Tuscany.

Common honey varieties in Tuscany include chestnut, acacia and millefiori (a thousand flowers) but you'll definitely want to sample rare varietals like eucalyptus, strawberry tree,  honeydew and sulla, which is produced from a foraged plant that grows in the Mediterranean.

It's interesting to note that the honeydew honey, which is prized for its medicinal value, isn't made from flower nectar. Instead it is produced when honeybees consume sugary secretions left behind on leaves by insects. It has a dark color and pleasant pungent taste.

To enjoy delectable Tuscan honey at home you can browse the offerings at La Boutique del Gusto. The online shop sells Tuscan honey produced in picturesque towns such as Maremma, Pistoia, Vallombrosa and Reggello.

Shop around and afterwards enjoy honey on its own, as a sweetener or drizzled over pecorino cheese.

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    Wow, tasting Artisan honey sounds interesting. I would like to compare Manuka honey and Artisan honey on the basis of taste and nutritional content. In my opinion Manuka honey has high medical content than many other types of honey.

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