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Artisan Rubs For Your Barbecue

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Artisan Rubs For Your Barbecue
Photo West Elm

When it comes to barbecues, having the right sauces, marinades and rubs makes a world of difference. If you've been searching for a spice rub to add some sizzle to your barbecue, check out these exclusive barbecue rubs from Stuart & Co.

The spice rubs were created by Michael Stuart, a Brooklyn-based caterer known for his succulent meat dishes. His spice rubs are sold exclusively through West Elm and are aimed at giving your dishes that extra je nais se quoi

The barbecue rubs come in four flavors: Bushwick Bird, Dumbo Dry Pork, Billyburg Beef, Flatbush Fish. Each rub comes in a charming reusable weck jar and retails for $9.

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