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The Pie Chart of Pie

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The Pie Chart of Pie

Pies are one of those great treats in life - they come in many forms and American's love affair with the sweet pie is an ongoing one. With so much variety and styles to choose from, what are the most loved pies?

This infographic from Cooking Channel TV sets out to map the most loved pies in America. If you guessed apple for the top of the list you're correct - 20 % of those who took the survey said apple was their favorite - this was followed closely at 19% with strawberry pie. The rest of the people surveyed split their preferences among different pie varieties.

You may think chocolate would rank highly but that comes in at just 5% on this list with pumpkin, blueberry and cherry all coming before chocolate pie. It's an interesting look at pie eating habits and it's sure to make you crave your very own warm pie as soon as you see the pic.

Click on the image below to see a larger version.

Cooking Channel TV

Via Wine Folly

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    Also the home made math doesn't add up... so maybe flour costs $0.76?

  • jyee said on

    Apparently home made pie crust contains no flour!?

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