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10 Amazing Food Ingredient Finds in 2016

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10 Amazing Food Ingredient Finds in 2016

This year saw us stocking up the pantry with some weird and wonderful ingredients. Whether foraged or farm grown, free or fiendishly expensive; from the succulent meat of the Mangalitsa pig – the "Kobe beef of pork" – to the electrifying delight of buzz flowers dropped into cocktails, to whipping up eggless meringues with the magical properties of "Aqua faba," these are the ingredients that got us excited in 2016. Decide what you'll be taking with you through to 2017.

1. Szechuan Buttons

Once tried, these electrifying flowers, also known as the toothache plant, are not easily forgotten. Try kicking up your cocktails or adding a surprise element to recipes. Find out more here.



2. Aqua Faba

Vegans need no longer need miss out on meringues with the hidden magical properties of chickpea waters, aka aqua faba. Find out more.


3. Black Chicken

We found out some more about black chickens, including the stunning Indonesian Ayam Cemani, and the tastier Silkie bantam. Find out more.

Photo: Greenfire Farms


4. Mangalitsa Pork

Hailed as the "Kobe beef or pork," this succulent find, which originally hails from Hungary, can now be purchased and found both on menus both in the UK and Stateside.


5. Purple Ube

A rich violet-coloured type of yam found in many Filipino dishes, it adds a splash of natural colour to cakes, breads and pies.



6. Bacon Mushrooms

Organic oyster mushrooms that taste just like bacon? Say no more. Find out where they are.


7. Purslane

Predicted as a food trend of 2016, we were all checking our back yards for these juicy, lemony leaves. Find out why.


8. Perilla

Also known as chinese basil, this superfood had us chewing on shoots and leaves. Find out its unique qualities.


9. Konjac

The yam like perennial plant had us tightening our waistbands with its zero calorie noodles.


10. Jewel Corn

These stunning rainbow corns are all-natural and broke the internet. Find out more.



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