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How Many Calories Are in Your Drinks?

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How Many Calories Are in Your Drinks?

Many of us are probably omit to take into account the calories we consume through drinks when we're out, often thinking solely about the food. It's almost as if they don't count and plus, who wants to be counting calories when you're having a good time?

But it would be helpful to know how many calories are contained in different drinks, especially as many of us will often switch drinks as a night unfolds, a cocktail or beer before dinner, then wine, and maybe onto spirits afterwards.

This fun infographic from Vinepair helpfully shows the number of calories in 19 different drinks including wines, cocktails and beer. Of course it all depends on measures – the glasses of wine here are probably small glasses – but this should serve as a handy basic guide, assuming you can remember exactly what you drank of course.

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