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Alain Passard Cooks: 5 Great Video Recipes

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Alain Passard Cooks: 5 Great Video Recipes
Photo Pauline Le Goff/Mind of a Chef/YouTube

Chef Alain Passard is a titan of French cuisine and watching him cook, with the joy he still has for ingredients and the reverence and delicacy with which he treats them, is a beautiful thing.

Though the Alain Passard recipes below aren’t purely plant-based, in recent years Passard has become known as the 'Maestro of vegetable cuisine,' after switching to a largely vegetal menu at his three-Michelin-star Arpège restaurant in Paris, long before it was fashionable to do so.

The best thing about watching the world’s best chefs at work is finding out the little tips and tricks they use to elevate their dishes to the next level, like the way Alain Passard smokes the lobster carcas before returning it to the stock in the first video below for maximum flavour, or dressing fruits and vegetables with their sugars, like you would meat with its juices.

Enjoy these Alain Passard recipes.

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