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Have You Tried Akita Beef?

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Have You Tried Akita Beef?
Photo Eat Your Kimchi

We love a bit of steak porn here at Fine Dining Lovers and this video from Simon and Martina, shot inside the Gomei restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo, which serves a kind of Wagyu known as Akita, is right up our street.

The beef comes from black cattle bred in the Akita prefecture where there is an abundance of rice for the cows to feed on. The result is a high-grade meat with, as you can see from the video, some pretty insane marbling.

Our hosts certainly seem to be enjoying themselves and claim this is the best beef they’ve ever eaten. It's certainly a drool-worthy video of what looks like some seriously delicious beef.

Simon and Martina have also visited three Michelin star Sushi Saito – take a look at the tasting menu from one of the world’s best sushi restaurants.

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