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Mile-High Dining: A Look at Airplane Food From 15 Countries

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Mile-High Dining: A Look at Airplane Food From 15 Countries

Airplane food is never something to write home about. Or is it? 

While several factors can affect the flavour of airplane food – namely altitude and pressure – many airlines pride themselves on serving a splendid meal, something tired and hungry travellers surely appreciate.

Here we take a look at the menus of 15 airlines around the world to discover some hidden gems that may just inspire you to travel.


If flying on Nippon Airways travellers may find a mixed seafood bento box with soba noodles and vegetables. A bread roll and tea complete the meal.


It's no surprise you'll find baguette served on Air France but what else does the airline offer? Diners may enjoy favourites like chicken and pasta in a cream sauce, followed by a sweet tart and apple compote.


The menu on Turkish Airlines is an exciting blend of flavors: an appetiser made of smoked salmon, spicy chicken with rice, a side of greens and a decadent cheesecake for dessert.


Traveling to Greenland? If you fly on Air Greenland you'll be served a hearty meal of battered chicken breast and potatoes with a side of veggies and bread with cream cheese. If you are still hungry you can enjoy a blueberry muffin for dessert. 

Here's a look at more airplane food around the world:


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