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A Taste of Bacon Jello

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A Taste of Bacon Jello
Photo Instructables

Do bacon lovers have any limits when it comes to their love of swine? Apparently not, as evidenced by the latest pork delicacy to hit the scene: bacon jello.

It may jiggle but bacon jello looks and smells like a real slab of bacon. The extradionary look is achieved through a combination of a dairy-based bacon flavored jello blended with a mix of maple syrup and Calvados, which was previously flamed and reduced. As if that wasn't enough, a bit of applewood smoke is added.

Sound enticing? Check out the full recipe at Instructables. We're pretty sure it would be a great pairing with bacon and egg jello shots. 

If you don't want to get your hands dirty, you can always opt for a bacon silk scarf.

Via Design Taxi

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