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Here's a $900 Cupcake

By FDL on

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Here's a $900 Cupcake

There seems to be a growing and worrying trend of PR companies and food businesses thinking that the best way to promote their business is the create the most expensive item imaginable by adding gold flakes and diamonds to everything from waffles to pimped up pop tarts.

The latest to step into the grossly exaggerated price promotion is the Le Dolci bakery in Toronto with their, wait for it, $900 cupcake.

The cupcake is made with special sea salt from France, some of the world’s best chocolate, limited-edition Courvoisier cognac and, of course, the stadard gold flakes - 24 karat to be precise.

The cupcakes are available on special order only - if it’s a $900 cupcake you’re craving, head on over to their website.




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