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50 Iconic Turkish Foods

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50 Iconic Turkish Foods

Traditional Turkish food is enjoyed around the world by millions of people, just think of the kebab, but this diverse and tasty country has a lot more to offer than seasoned meat on a spit.

This food infographic created by Property Turkey takes a closer look at Turkish cuisine, offering up a list of 50 iconic traditional Turkish dishes that you may not have heard of.

Some, like lahmacun and pilaf, you will surely know, while others are a less popular. It’s a nice list to consult if you want to improve your knowledge of traditional Turkish food or have a go at cooking some that you’ve never tried before.

The infographic lists the name of the dish, a small picture and a description of each one. We also have our own list of the five Turkish street foods you shouldn’t miss if you’re planning to visit the country and eat like a local.

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    Adana kebab is made from fresh lamb meat, very tasty

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