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50 Foods for the Future

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50 Foods for the Future

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), together with food giant Knorr put together a report of their top 50 foods for the future.

Plant based foods that will help ease the burden on the environment caused by meat production and particularly beef agriculture are defined in the report as foods that will have a significant impact on the way we eat.

As the western world is waking up to the urgency of how our food system will struggle to feed an expanding population and as climate change scientists ring warning bells about our carbon emissions, plant based food alternatives are becoming more and more accepted as a realistic substitute for meat protein.

Download the report

According to the report, the foods made the list of 50 based on their “high nutritional value, relative environmental impact, flavour, accessibility, acceptability and affordability. This set of criteria is modelled after the Food and Agricultural Organization’s (FAO) definition of sustainable diets. Some of the Future 50 Foods have higher yields than similar crops, several are tolerant of challenging weather and environmental conditions, and many contain significant amounts of critical nutrients.”

Here are the report’s top 50 foods.


1 Laver seaweed

2 Wakame Seaweed


3 Adzuki beans

4 Black turtle beans

5 Broad beans (fava beans)

6 Bambara groundnuts / Bambara beans

7 Cowpeas

8 Lentils

9 Marama beans


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10 Mung beans

11 Soy bean


12 Nopales


13 Amaranth

14 Buckwheat

15 Finger millet

16 Fonio


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17 Khorasan wheat

18 Quinoa

19 Spelt

20 Teff

21 Wild rice


22 Pumpkin flowers


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23 Okra

24 Orange tomatoes


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25 Beet greens

26 Broccoli rabe


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27 Kale

28 Moringa

29 Pak-choi or bok-choy (Chinese cabbage)

30 Pumpkin leaves


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31 Red Cabbage

32 Spinach


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33 Watercress


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34 Enoki mushrooms

35 Maitake mushrooms

36 Saffron milk cap mushrooms


37 Flax seeds

38 Hemp seeds

39 Sesame seeds



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40 Walnuts


41 Black salsify

42 Parsley root

43 White icicle radish (winter radish)



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44 Alfalfa sprouts



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45 Sprouted kidney beans

46 Sprouted chickpeas

47 Lotus root

48 Ube (purple yam)

49 Yam bean root (jicama)

50 Red Indonesian (Cilembu) sweet potatoes


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