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5 Michelin Star Chefs Make Pasta Sauces

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5 Michelin Star Chefs Make Pasta Sauces

Making delicious pasta sauces is still intimidating for some home cooks, but with a little knowledge and some tips from the experts, making homemade pasta sauces is much simpler than it seems.

With this in mind, we decided to bring you a selection of Michelin starred chefs making a range of different pasta sauce.

First up we have Gordon Ramsay with a simple mushroom, leek and tarragon pasta recipe.

Theo Randall has anchored his entire career on cooking delicious Italian cuisine and in this recipe the chef creates a classic Italian recipe of Puttanesca - a tomato based sauce from Naples that is packed with olives and anchovies.

It wouldn’t be a conversation about pasta sauce without a mention of the classic sauce of ragu, so here’s Theo Randall once again with a simple recipe for beef ragu.

Missy Robbins is the latest chef in the list, with a spicy tomato sauce of Rigatoni al Diavolo.

For something a little different, there’s the Michelin maestro, Mauro Uliassi, with his unique seafood take on carbonara. Make sure to hit subtitles for English translation. 

Finally, we have another Italian master of pasta, Massimo Bottura, as he shows you how to make pesto. 

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