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Watch these 5 Michelin Chefs Cook with Strawberries

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Watch these 5 Michelin Chefs Cook with Strawberries
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Our Michelin Chefs Cook series always brings you the best videos of top chefs working their craft. Our last edition covered desserts by five amazing chefs, including an edible coffee mug dessert by chef Raymond Blanc who made a seven hour preparation process like a walk in the park.    

This week we find out what the greatest chefs do with strawberries. Strawberries are in peak season right now in many places, so get your hands on these sweet, juicy berries and try your hand at these five dishes that are bound to impress. 

When picking strawberries, use your nose as well as your eyes. The best strawberries are bright red in colour without any green or yellow spots.  Give them a sniff, and if they have a rich, sweet strawberry scent, grab them immediately.

From a rich, fluffy strawberry brioche, to classic strawberry trifle, find out how these five Michelin star chefs make strawberries the star in these five dishes. 

5 Michelin Chefs Strawberry Recipes

Yannick Alléno’s Strawberry and Fennel Brioche Recipe 

Chef Marc Lahoreau shows you how to create Yannick Alléno’s special brioche featuring confit fennel slices and strawberry jam. 

Magnus Nilsson and Pascal Barbot’s Rhubarb, Strawberry and Elderflower Dessert

Michelin starred chefs Pascal Barbot and Magnus Nilsson come together in the kitchen to recreate an exquisite dessert dish that is a true celebration of spring. The dish is composed of five elements and textures and stars fresh strawberries alongside rhubarb, elderflower and white flowers picked straight from the garden.

April Bloomfield’s Simple Strawberry Sorbet

Everyone loves April Bloomfield for her easy approach to cooking, and here’s a reason to love her more. Find out how to make ‘the easiest sorbet’ in this video recipe that uses just strawberries, lemon, basil and sugar with just two pieces of equipment, a blender and an ice cream churner. 

David Chang’s Strawberry Foam

Here’s a recipe by David Chang for a strawberry foam that looks fancy but is dead easy to make. Incorporate it in a strawberry and sorrel dessert like Chang, or use it up the notch of any berry-based dessert creation of your own.

Heston Blumenthal’s Strawberry Panna Cotta Trifles

Check out chef Heston Blumenthal’s take on a quintessentially British dessert, the trifle. Ginger ale and juice jelly is set over fresh strawberries, layered over with panna cotta and strawberry syrup. This is a simple yet decadent dessert that anyone can try at home. 


Want more ideas for cooking with strawberries? Try these out:


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