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40 Red Wines And How They Compare To Each Other

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40 Red Wines And How They Compare To Each Other

How many times have gone to the wine shop only to be stumped by terroir? Should you get a French or Italian merlot? California pinot noir or one produced in Australia? Even though it's produced in a different corner of the world will it still taste the same?

These are all valid questions and you'll find plenty of answers in this fabulous infographic from Sean Seidell.  This visual guide perfect for wine geeks breaks down 40 popular wines and their flavor profiles.

Listed are the most popular wine regions around the world: France, Italy, Spain, California, Washington, Oregon, Argentina, Chile and South Africa. A nifty flavor wheel with 20 wine descriptions allows you to see how favorites like cabernet sauvignon, malbec and Sangiovese compare to each other. 

For instance, you'll notice that Italian merlots are more tannic than their French counterparts and have a stronger berry flavor. Malbecs from Argentina will be spicier and more acidic than those produced in neighboring Chile. In the end, it is clear that terroir  (i.e. the land where the wine is produced) really does matter. We'll drink to that!

Take a look below to learn more (click to enlarge):


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