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23 Sauces You Need to Know

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23 Sauces You Need to Know

Having a solid repertoire of sauces in your cook’s arsenal means you can create a great meal at the drop of a toque blanche. But how many sauce recipes do you actually know?

Here, we’ve compiled a guide to 23 different sauces that you should know how to make, from the French mother sauces to Thai dipping sauce, currywurst sauce to a vegan béchamel that more than stands its ground with the original. And if you want to delve further, read-up on the science of sauces and sauce reduction

First up are Auguste Escoffier’s five mother sauces of French cuisine, namely hollandaise, béchamel, sauce tomate, sauce Espagnole and velouté. Of course, from these, literally hundreds of daughter sauces can be made. Click through to find out how to make the five mother sauces.

Here’s a great infographic detailing 12 basic sauces (including three of the mothers) and how to make them. Find out how to make bread sauce, BBQ sauce, or chimichurri for example.

The link below will lead you to six more sauce-making videos from ChefSteps, including a recipe for Romesco sauce and how to whip up a quick pan sauce.

And here's a further collection of must-know recipes for your sauce repertoire.

And how about chamoy?


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