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15 of the Craziest Dishes From the 1970s

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15 of the Craziest Dishes From the 1970s

People often refer to the 1970s as the decade that style forgot, but there were some awful crimes against food going on too, as well as fashion.  

70s Dinner Party is a Twitter account and Tumblr blog highlighting some of the best worst recipes of the era, culled from cookbooks and magazines. It was a time largely it seems, of moulds and gelatine.

Take a look at some of the most serious offenders below. Crimes include sausage cake, pasta rings and a truly awful sounding canned beef consommé. 

It wasn’t all bad however: take a look at this menu from a ‘70s Michelin-starred restaurant in Manchester, England, the city’s only restaurant to ever gain a star.

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