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14 Greens More Nutritious Than Kale

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14 Greens More Nutritious Than Kale

Did you know romaine lettuce is more nutritious than kale? It's incredible but true. Kale may be enjoying it's day in the spotlight but the fact is there are 14 other greens that pack a stronger nutritional punch.

You'll find these super greens listed in this nifty infographic from Total Beauty. Each vegetable is ranked according to how much potassium, fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals it contains. You'll be surprised at which veggies come out on top.

So what should you be eating or putting in your morning smoothie? Watercress should be your top choice. Other great options are Chinese cabbage (also known as Napa cabbage), Swiss chard, parsley, collard greens and even chives.

The beauty of all of these vegetables - including kale - is that they can be used in countless dishes so you can be sure to mix them up and get nutrition when it counts.  Take a look below to find out which greens you should make it onto your plate:


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