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Chef Cuts With The World's Sharpest Knife

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Chef Cuts With The World's Sharpest Knife
Ok, as far as food porn goes, this stuff is pretty expert – let’s say it’s made especially for those with a bit of a knife kink.
The video in question is basically a collection of shots showing a chef cut through vegetables with a super sharp knife. 
The video is titled Fast Precise Cutting Skills Using One of The World's Sharpest Knives. There’s no name for the exact knife he’s using, but the chef in the video, Hiroyuki Terada, has said in the past that he likes to use Kikuichi and Masahiro knives. 
Comments on YouTube show there really is a market for this kind of stuff and we’re pretty sure some of you will appreciate it. If anyone knows the exact model of the knife let us know on Facebook. 
We like the look of the knife he uses, but we really do love those Bob Kramer blades. 

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