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World's Supper Clubs

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World's Supper Clubs
Photo courtesy Ms Marmite

With its beginnings as a niche phenomenon, Supper Clubs are becoming more and popular all around the world, embraced by chefs and foodies who are willing to open their homes and give people – in limited numbers, of course – a taste of personal specialties or traditional dishes in a truly alternative setting.

As its spontaneity is part of what makes these Supper Clubs so unique, making a complete list of all the communities is nearly impossible. But this should get anyone interested off to a good start…

The veteran of the Supper Clubsis London’s Ms Marmite (in the picture), which offers secret dinners in private homes, or else in secret locations that are only revealed at the last minute. 

Tour de Fork is instead a Milanese trio composed of the photographer Claudia Castaldi, the designer Stefano Citi, and the cook Davide La Grotteria, who organizes events and themed dinners. They also design objects, remodel spaces and offer workshops around the theme of food. Each month, the team organizes a dinner for between 9 – 15 people.

While its base may be in San Francisco, the Ghetto Gourmet movement has truly gone global, and for over 5 years now has been offering 4-course dinners along with entertainment in the form of music, dance and literature. 

For lovers of Vietnamese cuisine, check out the Leelu Supper Club in London, which offers cooking classes as well.

For anyone in New York, The Whisk and Ladle organizes dinners prepared by three chefs in a four bedroom loft apartment.

Instead, if you’re in Los Angeles you shouldn’t miss the events put on by the Supper Liberation Front, a team of chefs who love great food but who are trying to win the battle against LA’s sky-high restaurant prices.

And finally, in Berlin there’s the The Shy Chef. As inferred by the name, this chef has been trained internationally and has substantial experience, but wants to jealously guard his/her identity. All the better to get people talking about his/her events on all kinds of culinary blogs and specialized magazines.

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