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World's Most Expensive Bacon Sandwich

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World's Most Expensive Bacon Sandwich
Photo World Record Academy

A good bacon sandwich can be irresistible, but is it worth paying $237?

That's how much the world's most expensive bacon sandwich costs at The Tangberry , a coffee house located in Gloucenstershire, England. So far, the  Bacon Bling Sandwich hasn't made it into the Guinness World Records but it's been categorized as the world's priciest bacon sandwich by the World Record Academy, according to Design Taxi.

So what's in this costly bacony treat? For starters, the sandwich comes with seven slices of bacon from a rare breed of pigs. Then it's topped with a free-range ege, sliced truffles and saffron threads. A sprinkle of edible gold dust provides the finishing touch. Sounds delish, but then again so do other dishes like bacon-wrapped brisket and the oh-so-dangerous all bacon burger.

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Via Design Taxi

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