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World's Largest Cupcake Mosaic

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World's Largest Cupcake Mosaic
Photo Guinness World Records

It took 20,000 cupcakes to break the Guinness World Record for  the largest cupcake mosaic. Where did this feat take place? None other than the ever fascinating Singapore, a country that's become a world-class dining destination.

The cupcake mosaic portrayed Singapore's flag enclosed in two hands in the shape of a heart.  The mosaic, which measured 52.4 ft (16 meters)  by 26.2 ft (8 meters), was built to celebrate the nation's 47th birthday. The effort was lead by Ayer Rajah Constituency, one of Singapore's electoral divisions, and required more than 1,200 volunteers.

Just how many ingredients does it take to break a world record? Building the cupcake mosaic required 1,323 pounds (600 kg) of cupcake mix, 1,543 pounds (700 kg) of fondant, 772 pounds (350 kg) of eggs and 661 (300 kg) of oil, according to Soshiok. All in all, making the cupcakes required 18 hours and 16 decks of ovens.

After the event, the cupcakes were sold and more than $80,000 were raised in donations for charities that benefit low-income families.Talk about creating tasty art for a good cause. 

We've featured cupcake mosaics before - one celebrating the Queen of England and another portraying Japanese cherry blossoms- but Sinpagore's mosaic takes the cake.

Images courtesy of Jasmine Victorina/Blogspot

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