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World's Largest Salt Mining History Museum

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World's Largest Salt Mining History Museum
Photo Salina Turda

When you walk into the Saline Turda Salt Mines you feel like you've stepped onto another planet. Coarse salt lines the walls forming stalactites and intricate pattens of different shades of gray which are illuminated by ornate lamps suspended in the air. 

This subterranean jewel has long been a tourist destination for visitors to Turda, a small town in the Transylvania region of Romania. Now the mines have been revamped and transformed into the largest Salt Mining History Museum in the world.

Turda salt mines are composed of three pits - the deepest measuring 120 meters (393 feet) - and a lake which visitors can tour on a boat. Surprisingly, the mines a series of recreational attractions including an amphitheater, sports arena, ferris wheel, mini golf course and bowling lanes.

Touted as an oasis for people who suffer from respiratory diseases, the air in the mines is completely devoid of any allergens and is almost all bacteria. The pits maintain a steady temperature of 11-12 degrees Celsius (51-53 degrees Fahrenheit) and 80 percent humidity, making it ideal for people who suffer from conditions like asthma.

You'll be hungry after your visit so a stop by the nearby shops is in order so you can sample local specialties like Romanian cabbage rolls, bean and pork stew or mamaliga (a type of polenta served with sour cream). 

Here's a cool video of a walk through this gorgeous salt mine:

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