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Bringing Back Old School Rolling Pins

By FDL on

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Bringing Back Old School Rolling Pins

You don't see the great big rolling pins in people's homes so much these days and it's a shame. They symbolize a link to a baking heritage and they're so great for so many jobs, maybe it's time they made a come back?

That's certainly was the Lostine furniture design company is thinking with their new range of three different sized rolling pins.

Based in Philadelphia their usually make furniture but have also created a range of cutting boards and more recently a range of medium, skinny and large rolling pins.

They're beautifully designed and bring back that nostalgic feel a baking years past. They're available from a number of stores isted on the Lostine website.


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  • Betty Boo said on

    I have my lovely old wooden rolling pin and would not be without it, but this new range looks so classy might spoil myself and bye one.
    Betty Boo

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