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The Future of Wooden Cutting Boards Looks Like This

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The Future of Wooden Cutting Boards Looks Like This
Photo The Frankfurter Brett

If you think of yourself as a clean as you go kind of person in the kitchen, chopping and prepping are two jobs where that resolve can be put to the test in the home kitchen.

At least they were, until we came across this ingenious wooden chopping board with multiple features that looks set to remove excuses, from even the most disorganised of cooks.

Serving more as a swiss knife of kitchen chopping boards it's a multi purpose all in one kitchen counter top board that has both waste and storage recepticles built into it as well as handy props for supporting your tablet and cookbooks, meaning your recipes won't get lost under potato peelings.

Created by professional chef Johannes Schreiter and product designer, Joseph Schreiter this is a sequel to their previous design, the Frankfurter Brett, which they called "The First Kitchen Workbench".

It's exceeded its funding campaign on kickstarter, you can preorder a basic beech wood version for €119 to arrive in March of 2017, or pay a bit more for depending on what more wood you want upwards to €209 for a walnut cutting board. 



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