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Two New Chopping Boards on the Block

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Two New Chopping Boards on the Block

Looking to get organised in the kitchen this year? Here are two new chopping boards that'll help you obtain culinary order in different ways. Whether you are looking for the equivalent of a desk caddy for the kitchen counter top or geometric perfection from your vegetables. Take a look at the solutions below.

The Ultimate Cutting Board

The 'Swiss Knife of kitchen chopping boards is a multi purpose all in one kitchen counter top board and caddy for kitchen essentials. The idea being that the 'workstation' keeps all those smaller prep tools up together for when and where you need them.

Multi functional, you'll find a storage compartment for knives, a detachable serving platter, a juicer, measuring cups, a cheese grater/mandolin and a prepping station.

If you live by the mantra 'a place for everything and everything in its place' this chopping board is what your kitchen has been waiting for. It's already reached its funding campaign target on Kickstarter suggesting it's a sentiment that resonates with many.

100% made in Canada the wooden board comes with traceable wood sourcing credentials too. Purchase price is expected to be somewhere upward of $200.

The OCD Cutting Board

Hung up on your baton size? Get some perspective with Fred the OCD cutting board.

The bamboo board comes with the imperial scale, standard grid and a protractor burnished into the wood so you can chop vegetables with standardised measurements.

Medium dice, small dice, brunoise, fine brunoise, batonnet, allumette and juliennes will all be within easy reach as long as you have patience and a sharp knife.

Available on Amazon for $27.31.


Here's a video on how to look after your wooden chopping board by oiling it:

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