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America's White House Makes Honey

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America's White House Makes Honey
Photo White House

Something is abuzz in the White House. Ever since President Barack Obama stepped foot in the White House, food has gained national attention. Michelle Obama's vegetable garden and fight against obesity are well known. But did you know that the White House is also producing honey?

That's right, the White House South Lawn is home to beehives that produce as much as 225.5 pounds (102.3 kg) of honey. The honey is used as a sugar substitute in dishes for the First Family, according to the Obama Foodarama blog.

Not only do the bees produce this sweet nectar, but they also help pollinate Michelle Obama's vegetable garden, which last year yielded almost a ton of produce, according to Charlie Brandts, the official beekeeper of the White House.

The White House is full of other tasty treats like red, white and blue M&Ms, which gained attention after Victoria Beckham tweeted a picture of the presidential candy.


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