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How to Choose The Perfect Seat in a Restaurant

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How to Choose The Perfect Seat in a Restaurant

If you eat out a lot you'll appreciate the importance of those first 30 seconds when you enter a restaurant and you must decided which seat to choose at the table. Make the wrong decision and you could find yourself facing a plant pot with no body to speak to, choose wisely and you could find yourself the centre of attention with optimum positioning to enjoy the whole table.

Ok we might be over egging the importance a little but where you choose to sit at a table really can have an affect on how much you enjoy it. That's at least what Alex Cornell thinks which is why he's made this useful diagram for helping people choose the perfect seat at the table.

From the six person rectangle to the four person circle - Cornell sets out tips on exactly which seat is best, stressing the importance of timing throughout.

It's a humorous look at a situation everyone had faced while dining out and we really didn't know just how many different angles need to be considered to make the perfect seating choice.

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