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What Does James Bond Eat?

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What Does James Bond Eat?
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The world's most famous secret agent is celebrating 50 years on the big screen this year. Naturally, we've caught the James Bond fever. 

The 007 agent first came to life on the big screen back in 1962 wtih Sean Connery in Dr. No. Ever since we've seen James Bond globe trotting in luxury and sipping martinis (shaken, not stirred). But what did James Bond actually eat?

Well, according to an article on Bristish food in, James Bond preferred regular food to caviar. A typical breakfast would be scrambled eggs with bacon or sausage and toast with strawberry jam. One interesting fact? The British spy preferred coffee to tea - perhaps we can blame it on his cosmopolitan lifestyle.

James Bond is a meat and potatoes man. His lunch and dinner staples include dressed crab or roast game, asparagus and hollandaise sauce, steak and French fries or cold roast beef and potato salad.

His drink of choice at meals? Champagne. Stay tuned for more James Bond fun food facts.

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