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Wine Label World: the Web Encyclopedia of Wine Labels

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Wine Label World: the Web Encyclopedia of Wine Labels

Thousand of wine labels in one website: welcome to the wiki-world of cataloging wine labels.

Remember the color of the label, the design, but not the name of the wine? Looking for special gift, or thinking of a bottle whose label had a picture of a certain animal on it, or that’s from a certain part of the world?

Wine Label World is the right website for tracking down that bottle you’re desperately looking for. The site has only just launched, but already includes wine labels from all over the world. It catalogues them by country of origin, grape variety, the name of the winemaker and vintage. So far it has already collected photos and data on around 2,000 wines, but it intends to eventually classify the greater part of all the world’s bottles. In true wiki spirit, it’s asking its users for help.

All you need is a digital camera and an internet connection to be able to contribute to the world encyclopedia of wine labels. And for every bottle, besides commenting on it, should you have tried it, you can also compare prices from various sellers and buy a case directly online to be delivered to your door.


Photo Courtesy Wine Label World

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