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Welcome to the Future: 4 Voice Activated Kitchen Essentials

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Welcome to the Future: 4 Voice Activated Kitchen Essentials

In recent years, technological research has made great strides, with a series of appliances and voice-recognition tools now becoming widely available to consumers.

Electronics, information technology and design come together to create objects with functions that facilitate home life ... even in the kitchen. Can you imagine the organization of a kitchen entrusted to voice command? Yes, it's now a reality!

Find out 4 voice-controlled items for use in the kitchen below that will revolutionize your life (or at least try)!

The Voice Controlled Dustbin

Cleanliness is the first thing one looks out for when entering any kitchen. Unfortunately, dirty or busy hands don't always allow for spotless surfaces. Thus, in order to avoid leaving dirty or greasy fingermarks, the simplehuman company has devised an object that represents the last frontier of cleanliness.

And here it is, the bin with voice and movement sensor, able to open with the simple gesture of the hand or with a voice command: it allows you to throw rubbish in any stage with a "magic word", even when your hands are busy.


The Oven that Connects with Google Assistant

The oven with an integrated Whirlpool Google Assistant, part of the W 11 Collection built-in ovens, was first presented at the Milan Furniture Show last year at EuroCucina, perfect for tech freaks: it's possible to talk to the appliance, easily activating the virtual assistant with a vocal recognition command.


Washing up with Voice Command

And just so you're not missing anything, the Dornbracht company has devised Connected Kitchen, a system that lets you manage the various actions of everyday life in the kitchen in a digital way.

For example, with the voice command "wash the salad", the sink is activated, and begins to fill with water, both with the right amount and at the optimum temperature.

The Intelligent Fridge that Doubles up as an Assisstant

Really think about all the Samsung Family Hub series. Here is a hyper-technological refrigerator with a touch screen, equipped with an internal camera and capable of photographing the supply situation and shopping online without turning on the computer. From version 2.0 onwards Family Hub introduces voice commands, which allow interfacing with the operating system without contact, avoiding, even in this case, leaving unpleasant flour marks or handfuls of butter on the screen.

The refrigerator interacts with you at 360 degrees, answering questions like a real assistant. Welcome to the future.

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