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This Bracelet Will Stop You Drinking Too Much

By FDL on

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This Bracelet Will Stop You Drinking Too Much

Wearable devices that relay information about our life, from our heartbeat to the number of colories in the dish we’re about to eat, are on the rise with new inventions released almost daily.

The latest wearable tech to step into the market is, Vive, a clever bracelet that can tell when you’ve had too much to drink.

The device, made by students at the University of Washington, works by measuring the intoxication and dehydration levels of a user.

The bracelet vibrates randomly asking the user to squeeze the device, a sort of digital nod of the head to say you’re ok.

The clever stuff happens when the bracelets are connected with your friends on Facebook. This allows groups of friends to monitor the alcohol intake of each other and track their mates via GPS if they disappear and fail to check with a squeeze of the bracelet.

It seems like a rather over engineered way of making sure people drink responsibly but any device that makes people safer should be welcomed.

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