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Vintage Coffee Commercials From The 1960s (Videos)

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Vintage Coffee Commercials From The 1960s (Videos)
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What was coffee like back in the 1960s? There sure were no tall, grande or ventis around - or Keurigs for that matter. The world of coffee was different, way different. How does it compare to today's gourmet coffee? Find out by taking a walk down memory lane with these vintage coffee commercials.

You may laugh, cry or both as you watch these ads from an era where housewives were expected to satisfy their otherwise irritable husbands by brewing the perfect cup of coffee. We invite you to grab a cup of joe, sit back, relax and enjoy these vintage coffee commercials:

Folgers Coffee
In this commercial, a husband accuses his wife of making coffee so bad it is simply criminal. Watch what happens when she switches to mountain-grown Folger's coffee.

Maxwell House Coffee
Here's what happens when a 1960s housewife runs out of coffee in the morning...thank goodness a giant tub of Maxwell House saves the day.

Sanka Coffee
This 1962 commercial for Sanka Coffee takes the viewer on an adventure that begins in the tropical mountains where coffee is grown.  

More Coffee
This vintage commercial promoted the consumption of coffee and offers tips for brewing the perfect cup of joe in a classic percolator.

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