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Vino2Go: The Wine Sippy Cup

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Vino2Go: The Wine Sippy Cup

The Vino2Go glasses are a precious solution both for outside events and…in house parties!

Spilling wine can be one of the most devastating acts when hosting or attending a dinner party.

A full glass of red wine can easily ruin a beautiful rug or cream sofa and the last thing people need is to spend the day after a party desperately trying to remove a stain.

That's why these new wine glass designs could find a use in the home. Called Vino2Go the design incorporates a regular wine glass inside a plastic sealed container - people can then easily sip from these wine sippy cups.

We're not sure how elegant guests would look sipping from these but they'd be perfect for an outside events and food festivals.

The Vino2Go glasses are available online at The Product Farm and cost $15.99.

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