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4 Top Vegetarian Cooking Books for 2017

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4 Top Vegetarian Cooking Books for 2017

Whether you are a vegetarian or just looking for ways to incorporate more plant-based recipes into your repertoire in 2017, here are 4 vegetarian cookbooks that will give you enough variety to make this year even tastier.

Each book is written by something of an authority of the topic, which just leaves you to find the style that appeals to your taste buds, whether you have a soft spot for spice, like creative cooking or keeping it simple and bold. Take your pick from below:

1. Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables by Joshua McFadden (Author), Martha Holmberg (Contributor)

Joshua McFadden, chef and owner of renowned trattoria Ava Gene’s in Portland, Oregon, puts on his farmer's hat charting a novel six growing seasons of vegetables and their delicious seasonal highs in his new book. Celebrating the vegetable in all its glory are 225 revelatory recipes featuring raw vegetables at the peak of their growing season, before coming on to cooking earthier robust recipes deserving of later in their season. A great introduction to keeping in touch with seasonality.

Available for pre-order from Amazon

2. Vibrant India, Fresh Vegetarian Recipes from Bangalore to Brooklyn by Chitra Agrawal 

From chef and owner of Brooklyn Delhi, Chitra Agrawal, comes her debut cookbook in this practical guide bringing delicious South Indian home cooking to your table.

"To Bangalore and back to Brooklyn" all the recipes are woven together in their historical context. Think grains, legumes, fresh produce, coconut and yoghurt infused with herbs, citrus, chiles and spices and recipes that range from the classic savory crepe dosa, filled with lemony turmeric potatoes and cilantro coconut chutney, to new creations like coconut polenta topped with spring vegetables ‘upma” and homemade yoghurt. And if that weren't enough, the recipes are topped off with snacks, desserts and refreshing drinks like chile and watermelon juice with mint.

Available for pre-order on Penguin Random House

3. On Vegetables by Jeremy Fox

Meanwhile, Californian chef Jeremy Fox, celebrates the ingredient led cuisine he serves as the Los Angeles restaurant Rustic Canyon Wine Bar and Seasonal Kitchen in his first ever book.

Known for redefining vegetable-based cuisine, Fox first made his name at the Michelin-starred restaurant Ubuntu in Napa Valley, and this book serves as a great opportunity to present his food philosophy. Over 150 approachable recipes make for a great opportunity for the amateur cook to elevate their everyday cooking by learning the tricks of the trade and some creative ingredient combinations to "highlight the textures, flavours, and varieties of seasonal produce and including basic recipes for the larder."

Available for pre-order from Phaidon

4. In My Kitchen: A Collection of New and Favorite Vegetarian Recipes by Deborah Madison 

Those looking for an inspired vegetable focused weeknight dinner inspiration will do well to tuck into Deborah Madison's new book on modern vegetarian recipes. All come packaged in a homely feel good ode to vegetarian food courtesy of one of the foremost authorities on vegetarian cooking.

A collection of 100 favorite and most inspired recipes are all pared down to the key ingredients with simplified preparations making this book an accessible kitchen companion. Recipes include "Roasted Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Sunflower Sprouts; Fennel Shaved with Tarragon and Walnuts; and Olive Oil, Almond, and Blood Orange Cake." Delicious.

Available for pre-order from Penguin Random House


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