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The Vegan Sandwich Recipe Book

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The Vegan Sandwich Recipe Book

With celebrity endorsements galore and a number of people singing the virtues of  the vegan diet, it's no surprise that the number of people converting to veganism is on the rise.

This leads to an increase in demand for vegan recipes and the rise of a number of blogs, sites and cookbooks aimed at filling this demand.

The latest book to step into this world of crunchy lettuce and freshly whipped humus is Tamasin Noyes and is Celine Steen's publication, Vegan Sandwhiches Save the Day.

Gone are the traditional BLTS, in are the apricot breakfast paninis. Out are the rare beef and crispy onion sandwiches, step up mango basil wraps and berry-stuffed pockets. The book really is full of interesting recipes and the authors have excelled in pairing new and interesting combinations for their sandwiches. A book full of new and exciting ideas, perfect for new or even hardened vegans.

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