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The Incredible Edible Vegan Egg Yolk

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The Incredible Edible Vegan Egg Yolk
Photo Garry McLeod/Wired

When he decided to turn vegan, there was one thing Rocky Shepheard missed that was hard to replace: egg yolks. The texture and flavor of egg yolks was difficult to recreate until he had a cracking idea: create the first vegan egg yolk.

Rocky launched head on into the project, crafting the Vegg out of nutritional yeast flakes and sodium alginate, an emulsifier. To add ''eggy'' flavor, Rocky used kala namak, a sulphuric black salt from India. The vibrant color was achieved with beta carotene. The Vegg is sold in powdered form and it is reconstituted with water.

So now that there is a vegan egg yolk, will a vegan egg white be hatching anytime soon? According to Wired, Rocky is working on developing a whole Vegg with a fryable white. 

Via Wired

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