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Vegan Recipes: 'The Inspired Vegan' Cookbook by Briant Terry

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Vegan Recipes: 'The Inspired Vegan' Cookbook by Briant Terry

Can vegan food be a force of cultural and social transformation? Can it break the boundary of the metropolitan/white/educated crowds? Chef, writer and cultural omnivore Bryant Terry believes so. His new cookbook, The Inspired Vegan, is yet another nod at a culinary world where taste and pleasure are the pillars of a healthy, fair and sustainable food system.

Willing to bridge the gap between food, art and popular culture, the author takes the concept of “soul food” up a notch and matches his creative vegan recipes with appropriate soundtracks. Each dish comes with the song that inspires him when he cooks it: soul, hip hop, jazz and a few excursions into Motown.

Since his first Vegan Soul Kitchen, Terry has been looking for more than just fighting the perception of veganism as simpler (and therefore poorer) than traditional cuisine. Vegan cuisine, he has often claimed, should not be seen as “white people food”. He sees his recipes as an opportunity to get together, share an experience and have fun. Whoever you are and wherever you come from.

The Inspired Vegan. Seasonal Ingredients, Creative Recipes, Mouthwatering Menus
By Bryant Terry
Published by Da Capo Lifelong Books
To purchase the book on Amazon click here

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