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Vegan Bacon Grease Actually Exists

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Vegan Bacon Grease Actually Exists

The one taste that people who quit meat will often confess to missing is bacon. Perhaps it’s in the wonderful smell, the crispy fat, salty bite, the way it fits perfectly in the bread and did we mention that crispy fat?

In line with this basic bacon need, one vegan from America was craving the smoky flavour of bacon so much that he decided to develop his very own Vegan Bacon Grease - yes, that’s a vegan alternative to bacon fat.

Magic Vegan Bacon Grease is made from coconut oil, soy protein, put maple syrup, sea salt, black pepper, onion, garlic, a natural smoke flavour and Torula yeast - a type of yeast that’s rich in umami, helping give a meaty sensation to the tongue.

The product is meant to be used in cooking, frying or even spread directly onto bread, it can also slip right into your fridge next to those vegan eggs.

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