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The Urban Food Survival Kit for Children

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The Urban Food Survival Kit for Children

We've seen a number of food survival kits at FDL HQ and the latest to step into the fray is this great children's food survival kit that can be used as a teaching device for children in schools.

It contains 12 cardboard tubes with a range of rolls. Some of them contain emergency equipment - gardening utensils, seeds and seed raising mixtures and others come with vegetable seeds and can double up as plant pots.

Speaking about the urban survival kit, designer Ryan Romanes said: "Its tactility and playful shape invites the users to engage with the device while learning through play. The Urban Survival pack aims to implement new behavioural habits from a young age. The gardening pack not only teaches children about where their food comes from, it also gives them a sense of ownership, responsibility and most importantly entrepreneurship."

It's has a beautiful organic look in design and we love the idea of teaching children about the planting process and where their food is coming from.

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