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3 New Beers Worth a Cheers

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3 New Beers Worth a Cheers

We've brought you a number of pieces on beer over the past year - from infographs, the beer made from a beard and even a bear brewed in the White House - well now here's a selection of new beers to hit the market.

Gold Beer

In the czech republic lies the Zámek Zábřeh brewery and hotel in which guests can not only bath in beer but can now sample the delights of a beer that's brewed with actual gold.

Made in the city of Ostava the beer contains around 0.018 grams of gold in each bottle and is called RE after the Egyptian god of sun.

The beer took nearly two years to brew and only 500 bottles are available.

Gluten Free Beer

A new gluten free brew has been created by the Craft Brew Alliance and the Widmer Brothers Brewing company in Oregon. The exciting thing about this brew is that the team behind the beer have managed to make a gluten free beer using barley which gives it a taste like most other beers.

Most other gluten free beers rely on barley substitutes because of it's high gluten content but the team have discovered that by adding a certain enzyme to beer that the gluten is broken down during the brewing process.

The only problem at the moment is that the Omission Gluten Free Beer is only available in Oregon.

Ikea Beer

Ikea have slowly been edging their way into food and drink sector, first with their hot dogs, then their cafes with those infamous meatballs and now the Swedish furniture company is trying its hand at brewing.

Called Ol Mork Lager, which means Dark Larger Beer in Swedish, the Ikea brew will go on sale throughout the UK and prove to be yet another obstacle when you find yourself a little tipsy at home trying to desperately build your new wardrobe.

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