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Celebrate Summer with These Uchiwa Fan Lollipops

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Celebrate Summer with These Uchiwa Fan Lollipops
Photo Shinri Tezuka

These pretty uchiwa fan lollipops are the work of Japanese artisan Shinri Tezuka, based in Tokyo. He’s keeping the tradition of delicate candy carving known as Amezaiku, which dates back to the 8th century, alive. The candy is first heated to 90 degrees centigrade and then quickly carved by hand and with traditional Japanese scissors.

Tezuka has two sites in the city currently – Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin in the Asakusa district, which is more of a workshop, and a second close to the Tokyo Skytree where the Amezaiku are sold.

His designs are seasonal and as you can see for 2016 he’s decided to recreate the traditional Japanese paper fan of the summer months in glorious sugar. His five uchiwa fan designs include swallows, hydrangea flowers and plover birds. The lollipops are available until the first of August, but unfortunately he doesn’t ship overseas, so if you do find yourself in Tokyo, then pay him a visit.

Photo: Shinri Tezuka/Instagram

Tezuka is perhaps most famous for the exquisite carved goldfish (above) that his fans flock from miles around to buy – it almost seems a shame to eat them.

Watch him in action in the video below and see more on his Instagram.

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