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Toothpict, a Free iPhone App for Teasing Friends

By FDL on

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Toothpict, a Free iPhone App for Teasing Friends
Photo Aaron Barker / Flickr

An iPhone app that always gives you the best smile you can: whatever you've just eaten...

Imagine you have a friend who’s currently flashing a wide smile at a pretty girl sitting across from him, but who is blissfully unaware of the sprig of parsley sticking out between a canine and a incisor. Now, we no longer have to give him that quick surreptitious kick under the table. These days there’s a smartphone application available for free at the App store which we can use to communicate to the unfortunate party not just what the problem is, but also exactly which two teeth the renegade morsel of food is hiding out between. This can also be thought of as a kind of food map too, except here it’s for food which has already been eaten, and which is therefore wholly undesirable.

The more of your friends who download the application, the more likely it is that in your hour of need someone will highlight that problem lurking within your smile. An alert will be sent to your cell phone, which will read something like: «There’s something stuck between your teeth! Come find out exactly where it is.» It will also include a link showing your teeth and the exact position of that unwanted bit if parsley – with the information all provided by that good friend.

If you want more information about this app, try here.

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