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Toast Ale - The New Beer Made From Surplus Bread

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Toast Ale - The New Beer Made From Surplus Bread

Toast Ale is the UK's first 'bread beer' produced using stale unwanted loaves and crusts discarded by manufacturers and bakeries.

The man behind the new drink is Tristam Stuart, an active food waste campaigner, who teamed up with Hackney Brewery to hatch the ingenious plan.

The ale brewing process is simple yet effective:

"We slice, toast and mash the bread to make breadcrumbs ready for the brewing process. It’s brewed with malted barley (pale malt, CaraMalt, and Munich Malt), hops (Hallertau, Centennial, Cascade, Bramling Cross), yeast and water. 

Stuart takes a strong line in the fight against food waste: "We hope to put ourselves out of business. The day there's no bread waste is the day Toast Ale can no longer exist." Bread is currently the UK's biggest offender in food waste with 44% of bread produced ending up in the bin.

Not only does the Toast Ale come with ethical credentials it also delivers on flavour with 'a malty taste similar to amber ales and wheat beers.'

Each 330ml bottle costs £3 and can be bought online with all profits going to Feedback, an organisation campaigning to end food waste.

We'll drink to that.

The innovative brewery has caught the attention of some famous faces including Jamie Oliver:



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